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 High Quality Marketable Media

You only get a few seconds to make a good first impression on the web, so make it count and captivate your audience with an incredible video. At Dragonfly Media, we are a 100% dedicated to getting you noticed and Making Your Ideas Fly!

The truth is, your customers will digest information they see and hear much faster than information they read. Because of this, a bespoke video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily digest.

About Us


Making Ideas Fly

A Video Will Make Your Ideas Fly!

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A Few Stats About Us

In the past 12 months our videos have been viewed in 197 different countries
In the past 12 months our videos have been watched over 75,000 times
In the past 12 months our videos have been used in sales & rental to the value of $56,000,000+

Let Us Show You What We Do

Spa Days
Winery & Brewery
Nursery & Garden Centre
A Day Out With Château Living
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Questions Everyone Asks...
So who are Dragonfly Media?

We are a full service video production company, an end-to-end solution, based in the north of England & S/W France. When you work with Dragonfly Media you are not just buying a video, you're bringing your ideas and visions to life.

We'll work closely with you at all stages of the process, guiding you through your options so we can develop a strong and suitable concept, from the beginning, right through to the marketing of your video.​

What esle can you do?

We’ll help you achieve your goals, whatever it takes. Part of our client focused approach means going beyond the call of duty and making sure you get everything you need.

Most of the team have a background in photography, so if you're needing help with some photographic work, let us know.

What makes you different?

We are different, we just can’t help it. The way we work means we can produce more effective video content for a smaller piece of your marketing budget, and still keep the passion that makes it fun to come into work each day.

All the equipment we use is the very best this quick changing market has to offer, ensuring the client always get the very best video on the market.​ All the Dragonfly Media team have a strong passion for what they do, from the drone pilots to set-stagers, it's always about you...the customer!

How much does it cost?

At Dragonfly Media we fully understand that each company's marketing budgets is different. It's impossible to give ideas on cost without first knowing what your marketing needs are and most importantly...what your target audience is.

Why not give us a call and we'll meet for a coffee, we don't bite!

Do you play nice?

Sure, we love collaborating and our team has a lot to offer to other agencies. Also, nobody even needs to know that we’re working for you. Welcome to the covert world of video company ‘embedding.’




Contact details

Tel. (+44) 0113 815 8689

Mobile. (+44) 0784 958 0936



We love meeting new people and drinking coffee, so let us know which café to meet you at, and the drinks are on us! 

We are based in South West France and work all over Europe. In fact...if you look at our videos you'll see there is no limit to the distance we'll travel for our clients.

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